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September Jones – Chink A Chank Baby b/w The Pied Piper Players – That’s What Love Is – Pied Piper 7″
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The final September Jones track to be discovered from her amazing eight-song Pied Piper sessions is ‘Chink A Chank Baby’ – the original Detroit recording of a backing track that Doni Burdick recorded over years later as ‘Whatcha Gonna Do’. Burdick’s version went big in some Rare Soul venues when found in the 90s but is a shadow of September’s exhilarating outing. The flip is the backing track of the Hesitations’ ‘That’s What Love Is’, a stormer of a record the music of which was re-used for Eddie Parker’s ‘I’m Gone’ a couple of years later.

The Pied Piper Players – The Bari Sax aka This Heart Is Lonely b/w The Cavaliers – We Go Together (Alternate version with rap intro) – Kent Pied Piper 7″
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Mixed from the original Rose Batiste tape of ‘This Heart Is Lonely’, the fore-runner to her ‘I Miss My Baby’ on Revilot, this instrumental stomper will be recognised as what was later pressed as ‘Bari Track’. That’s Mike Terry on his famous baritone saxophone, along with his fellow Funk Brothers who also became the Pied Piper production company band. Pied Piper co-owner Shelley Haims wrote ‘We Go Together’, first recorded by the Moonglows in 1956. The Cavaliers’ 1966 Soul update was initially issued on Kent’s first Pied Piper CD and also on the 100 Club anniversary single of 2013. This, though, is an alternate take with an early rap intro, which adds more charm. First time out on a 45

Joseph Douglas – Crazy Things b/w The Hesitations – I’m Not Built That Way – Kent Pied Piper 7″
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The true identity of Joseph Douglas may never be known. This is a nom de chant for this early Pied Piper production; recorded somewhere between Detroit and Philadelphia. It features a more soulful vocal than on the Joe Douglas Playhouse release and will be treasured by Detroit Soul enthusiasts. The Hesitations is the 45 version of the classic northern soul song, re-serviced after deletion

Lorraine Chandler – You Only Live Twice b/w The Pied Piper Players – Hold To My Baby – Kent Pied Piper 7″
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When Lorraine Chandler’s dramatic ‘You Only Live Twice’ was discovered in RCA’s tape library in the 90s, it was recognised as the forerunner of Yvonne Baker’s Northern classic ‘You Didn’t Say A Word’. Both tracks sport the powerful James Bond theme tune motif. Chandler and Baker’s late 60s careers intertwined further when both artists cut versions of ‘Mend The Torn Pieces’ and ‘I Can’t Change’. It was exciting to access the Pied Piper tapes and hear an earlier, rawer take of ‘You Only Live Twice’. Previously available only on a 100 Club Anniversary 45, this is the first single release for the song from the original session. The instrumental mix of the Cavaliers’ ‘Hold To My Baby’ is quite an adrenalin rush for dancers who love to revel in the musical instrumentation that made these sounds so memorable

Nancy Wilcox – He’ll Be Leaving You b/w Lorraine Chandler – Mend The Torn Pieces Of My Heart – Kent Pied Piper 7″
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Having premiered on Kent’s “Pied Piper: Follow Your Soul” CD, Nancy Wilcox’s ultra-fast version of Willie Kendrick’s ‘He’ll Be Leaving You’ is one of the biggest Northern Soul tunes of recent years. It is paired here with Lorraine Chandler singing ‘Mend The Torn Pieces’, one of the songs that started Jack Ashford on his Pied Piper journey, originally cut by Yvonne Baker before it got the Detroit treatment

The Cavaliers – Ooh It Hurts Me b/w Willie Kendrick – Time Changes Things – Kent Pied Piper 7″
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The Pied Piper tapes continue to turn up Soul surprises. Here we have the final mix of the Cavaliers’ ‘Ooh It Hurts Me’. It features a percussion track by Jack Ashford that was missing from the version released by Kent in the 90s (and on a recent 45 by another company). The extra punch on the rhythm gives it energy and a new direction. The flip is Willie Kendrick’s terrific ‘Time Changes Things’ which was on the first Pied Piper CD and improves on the Metros’ more staid reading of the song

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Rose Batiste – This Heart Is Lonely b/w Mikki Farrow – Could It Be – Kent Pied Piper 7″

One of the most exciting finds of the Pied Piper tape haul of a couple of years ago was the original recording of ‘I Miss My Baby’ by Rose Batiste. ‘This Heart Is Lonely’ was the first use of the backing track that would go on to be ‘The Bari Track’ instrumental. It will grace a lot of collections on this Pied Piper imprint. The flip is Mikki Farrow’s sublime 1966 Karate release ‘Could It Be’.

Nancy Wilcox – Gambler’s Blues b/w Lorraine Chandler – I Hear Music – Kent Pied Piper 7″
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‘Gamblers Blues’ was the ultimate dance-floor filler when spun at Southern Northern venues, the follow up to the recent September Jones release, B-side is one of Lorraine Chandler’s most beautiful and haunting songs and deserves greater recognition