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California Playboys – Just Say A Four Letter Word (Love) b/w She’s A Real Sweet Woman – Kent Select 7″
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The California Playboys’ Loadstone LP has been a several hundred pounds album for decades. Here Kent features the top two dance tracks which propelled it into that price bracket. Both are Modern Soul fans’ favourites and to have them on a handy 7” disc with a suitable 45 edit will make them irresistible.

Phillip Mitchell – I’ll See You In Hell First b/w I Ain’t Givin’ Up – Kent Select 7″
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Phillip Mitchell only cut one single for the Spring subsidiary, Event, in 1975 and despite the beautiful ballad ‘There’s Another In My Life’ being an R&B hit, he did not have a follow-up. However, there were three songs recorded at the Brad Shapiro-led Muscle Shoals session and ‘I’ll See You In Hell First’ was the superb mid-tempo track that lay dormant until compiled on an Ace CD in 1990. It features Mitchell singing at his best on an inspired, self-penned song and is long-overdue a vinyl pressing as originally hoped for.

Peggy Gaines – When The Boy That You Love b/w Everybody Knows – Kent Select 7″
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Nashville singer Peggy Gaines had two singles on Ted Jarrett’s Ref-O-Ree label but the best track, the Bob Holmes-written and produced ‘When The Boy That You Love (Is Loving You)’, was only discovered in the mid-90s. Released on CD and a limited 100 Club Anniversary single, it became a guaranteed dancefloor filler and is still in demand, fetching over £100 for that first pressing.

Mighty Whites – Given My Life b/w Jacqueline Jones – A Frown On My Face – Kent Select 7″
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The Mighty Whites’ ‘Given My Life’ has been the Modern Soul hit of the last 18 months; popular on the European circuit through Dave Thorley’s DJ spins and on the funkier end from Dean Rudland, as well as being a 100 Club classic in the making. The later disco version by Brotherhood on MCA comes nowhere near the quality of this earlier soulful take. It is coupled with the in-demand 1974 Loadstone crossover classic by Jacqueline Jones, ‘A Frown On My Face’, which gets harder to find and more expensive by the month.

C.J. & Co – Rainmaker b/w Let Them Talk – Kent Select 7″
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Dennis Coffey and Mike Theodore’s productions on the Detroit group CJ & CO were mainly in the Disco field but Westbound’s tapes also revealed a superb version of the Moods’ classic ‘Rainmaker’ and a glorious mid-tempo number ‘Let Them Talk’ of which Diggin’ Deep’s limited release sold out in days so here it is to satisfy demand, coupled with a first time on vinyl for ‘Rainmaker’, both available here on a strictly limited ‘Select’ edition

Eddie & Ernie – Indication b/w Nice To Be Near – Kent Select 7″
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ll of Eddie & Ernie’s unreleased work had been thought to be issued when Kent made the ‘Lost Friends’ Kent CD but this great number ‘Nice To Be Near’ has since been found and now graces a re-released pressing of ‘Indication’ a track which is so hard to find on its only previous release, the UK-only Jay Boy 45, issued in 1972, both available here on a strictly limited ‘Select’ edition

George Jackson – Talking About The Love I Have For You b/w It’s Not Safe To Mess On Me – Kent Select 7″
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George Jackson’s beautiful ‘Talking About The Love I Have For You’ has become increasingly in-demand in recent years and the original pressing is now fetching hundreds of pounds, to make this release even more tempting Kent have added his late 60s recording ‘It’s Not Safe To Mess Over Me’, a real Southern Soul stomper that was a star track on our ‘Fame Northern Soul’ CD and debuts here on vinyl, both available here on a strictly limited ‘Select’ edition

Joe Burrell With Kae Williams Orchestra – There Was A Time b/w Pookie Hudson – This Gets To Me – Kent Select 7
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‘There Was A Time’ is known to rare soul fans as ‘Our Love Is Dying’ by Kae Williams as which it appeared on a fake Treasure Island label for some YouTube clips, but the truth is it was an unissued tape find. Given the haunting quality of such a great Soul song, various DJs had it cut to acetate. It was titled after a line in the lyrics and accredited to Kae Williams, who produced the track and owned the Junior label for which it was recorded. The real artist is Joe Burrell, as revealed on the master tape owned by Jamie Records, who ran many of the major Soul labels in the Philadelphia area. Kent have coupled it with the all-time Northern classic ‘This Gets To Me’ by Pookie Hudson which is in constant demand and has been unavailable for many years, both available here on a strictly limited ‘Select’ edition

Tommy Hunt – New Neighborhood b/w I’m Lonely For You – Kent Select 7″
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The big Beat Ballad ‘New Neighbourhood’ has proved the most popular of his previously unissued mid-60s Scepter recordings Kent discovered in the 80s, originally recorded as ‘Strange Neighborhood’ by Gene McDaniels, a 1967 update by the Imaginations became a Northern Soul favourite at the Wigan Casino, but this version tops them all backed with another unreleased tune by the same artist, both available here on a strictly limited ‘Select’ edition

Maxine Brown – Baby Cakes b/w One In A Million – Kent Select 7″
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‘Baby Cakes’ is an Otis Redding song written for his singer Loretta Williams’ Jotis label release in 1965, which has become a much in-demand Northern Soul record in recent years, about 18 months later Otis re-used the song on Maxine Brown when Wand Records sent her to Muscle Shoals to cut two songs under his tutelage, her super version has never been on 45 before and is guaranteed to appeal to fans of both Maxine and the song, the alternate take of ‘One In A Million’ on the flip is also new to 7-inch, both available here on a strictly limited ‘Select’ edition