V.A. – New Breed R&B – Saturday Night Special – Kent CD

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V.A. – New Breed R&B – Saturday Night Special – Kent CD


A new volume in Kent’s New Breed R&B series pulling together the ususal mix of new discoveries, rarities and previously unreleased cuts.

Aaron Collins & The Teen Queens – Saturday Night
The Corvairs – I’ll Never Do It Again
Prince Conley – Ain’t That Good
Rob Robinson – Compact Baby
Esko Wallace – Triple Zero
Freddie Williams – Purdy Little Mama
Margaret Lewis – Something’s Wrong, Baby
Flora D – Way Out Baby
Slim & The Twilights – Family Man
Big Charley & The Domans – You’re Gonna Need Me
Johnny Watson – Wait A Minute Baby
King Solomon – Almost Midnight
The Lon-Genes – Show Me How To Shake Like That
Gay Meadows – Head Doctor
Pee Wee Foster – You Can Be My Honey
Pat Garvis – Turn Your Lamp Down Low
The Tren-Teens – Your Yah Yah Is Gone
Jarvis Jackson – The Long John
Sterling Magee – Tighten Up & Pull Yourself Together
Johnny Talbot – Satisfied
Tony Clarke – Love Must Be Taboo
The Metallics – I’ll Conquer The World (feat JD Wright)
Little Macey & The Valiants – Walking The Track
Curley Mays – I’m Walkin’ On

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